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Bracknell Forest Safeguarding Board

Business Unit

Last updated: 08/12/2021

Photo of business unit

The Business Unit (BU) is a team of four part-time staff (L-R):

Jonathan Picken         Business Manager
Alison Burnell              Partnership and Performance Officer
Julie Sheppard            Support Officer
Dave Philips                Business Manager

 The Business Unit:

  • has overall responsibility for ensuring the effectiveness of the Board’s business processes including the production of the Strategic Plan and agenda planning for the Board.
  • is accountable for ensuring the strategic direction of the BFSB and how it aligns with other strategic partnerships (where appropriate) and leads on regional and national matters for local safeguarding partnership arrangements. Also liaises with national bodies such as the Department for Education and the National Safeguarding Practice Review Panel.
  • acts as professional advisor to the statutory partners (Health, Local Authority and Police), advising and supporting them to ensure delivery of all aspects of the Board’s statutory responsibilities.
  • oversees the development and effectiveness of the Board’s subgroups to ensure linkages with the priorities of the Board as set out in the Strategic Plan.
  • oversees Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews and Safeguarding Adult Reviews and ensures that learning from the reviews is disseminated and evidenced.
  • monitors performance data relating to core safeguarding pathways for adults and children as well as safeguarding related data captured by partners. Carries out multi-agency audits where themes have been identified from the data or by the Safeguarding Board, including implementation of action plans.
  • monitors safeguarding self-assessments carried out by partners and a local partner self-assessment proforma.

 The Business Unit can be contacted via bfsb@bracknell-forest.gov.uk